Collecting your order from our location

Collecting your order from our location.

The collecting of your order at our location in Apeldoorn is possible, but only by appointment.
If you decide to pick up your order, you must clearly indicate this when placing the order. When you mention your phone number, we will contact you to make an appointment for collection.
If you have an order of less than 30 euro net value, and you wish to pick up the order, the 7.50 euro shipment fee is cancelled. In this case, you may want to place your order by e-mail and pay your order at checkout during collection. Payment by card is unfortunately not available yet at this moment, cash payment and bank transfer are for the time being the only options, we do not work with a checkout system which we ask you to pay the exact amount if you pay cash .
Our address details, and phone number for making a pick up appointment can be found at the bottom of this page