sds drill

SDS hammerdrill for concrete and masonry. 2 cutter


SDS hammerdrill for concrete, masonry and stone.

A universal SDS hammerdrill, 2 cutter, scoop flute.

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SDS hammerdrill , for stone, masonry and concrete. With SDS fast change system.

SDS hammerdrill with single carbide tip, 2 cutter.

This universal SDS drill fits all machines with the fast change SDS system. These drills have a scoop type spiral flute for fast and efficient removal of drilling debris from the hole.

Fitted with a single carbide tip produced with precision to Ensure that the drilled holes are according to the diameter norm and high precision.

Produced under German supervision and tested before being put on the market.

We have chosen to take only a selected stock here, however other sizes in diameter, length and shank types are available on very short notice. We also have flat and point SDS chisels in stock.

For larger and regular quantities we will be glad to make you a personalized offer.