Metal paint, anti corrosion, three in one paint, can of 750 ml.

Metal paint, anti corrosion, three in one paint, can of 750 ml.



Metal paint, anti corrosion, paint directly over rust.

This metal paint is the all in one solution for your problems with painting over rust. It is a primer, undercoat and topcoat of paint all in one single layer of application. It not only adheres to metal but also to wood and most non-ferro metals.

This paint can be applied to rust and corrosion, simply thoroughly remove the lose rust with a wire brush and apply a layer of Antykor paint. This paint covers in one layer, so your job is finished faster and easier. The factory gives a seven year warranty against rust so you can be sure of the quality of this product.

Completely weatherproof, so it is perfect for fences and gates and all outdoor uses.

You do not need any seperate primer of undercoating, one layer of Antykor is enough. This not only saves you money but also, and perhaps most importantly, it saves you time.

This product can be applied with brush, roller or spray paint system. In short, whichever way you prefer it is possible with this paint.

Packed in cans of 750 ML.

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