adhesive for mirrors


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Adhesive for mirrors

A 100% solvent-free colourless adhesive – a sealant with a neutral curing system. Dedicated to fixings and glueing of mirrors and glass mosaic. Consistence and colour allow to apply it and also to seal the edges of mirrors. Excellent adhesion to most materials and surfaces common in the construction industry: glass, wood and painted wood, glaze, brick, concrete, aerated concrete, cement mortars, glass laminates, metals and certain plastics.

It is designed for glueing mirror mosaics, for example in showers (mirror-mirror glueing) and for direct mounting of decorative mirrors on different surfaces: glaze, glass, pargets, concrete, OSBs, as part of metals, woods or plastics, mounting of mirrors on surfaces exposed to vibrations and stresses, grouting the edges of mirrors and mounting of glass elements. The silicone adhesive for mirrors can be applied to glue each type of mirror, except mirrors made of the water-based varnish. For this type of mirrors is dedicated SILICONE NO11 Neutral.

Cure type : single component (crosslinked by a reaction with the moisture contained in the atmosphere)

Treatment time : 10 minutes

System of curing : Neutral Alkoxy silicone

Application temperature  : +5° to +35°C

Coverage : 18 lm for a 4 x 4 mm joint