About us, your handtool supplier

Your supplier of handtools, sealants, paint and cutting/milling tools.

With over 20 years of experience in purchasing handtools, sealants, paint and cutting / milling tools for both building and industry, we decided in 2005 to start Ervopro BV. In 2006 we started as a purchasing support company, and later in cooperation with Getha BV company we started importing and exporting handtools and related items. In the meantime both companies have fused and continue under the name Ervopro BV with as goal to offer high quality items against affordable prices. Quality and service are our core strategy, we aim to help you, our customer in the same way we would like to be helped.

In the meantime we have been active for over 10 years and our experience has reached well over 30 years by now. Thanks to our continued focus on quality for a reasonable price in combination with our service we have seen our market share increase steadily.

We have noticed that the regular traders like shops cooperate more and more, fuse together and under the leadership of part-time managers focus on profit rather than continued service, we have decided to open out own webshop to offer you the advantages directly. You can enjoy the advantages of international purchasing , low prices, guaranteed quality without the neccesity of large orders.