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Sanitary sealant  SPEC, white, with 7-year manufacturer’s warranty


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Sanitary sealant  SPEC, white, with 7-year manufacturer’s warranty

This sanitary sealant has a double anti-fungal and anti-bacterial effect, which provides continuous protection. This product is produced in Europe in accordance with all applicable laws and standards, and the European factory provides a 7-year warranty on the anti-fungal and anti-bacterial effect of this product. Thanks to the unique matrix nanocapsules, this sanitary kit has a microbarrier that lasts a very long time.

The quality has been tested by the Foreign Microbiological Laboratories (stress test according to ISO 846 method A and B). The seal is resistant to permanent moisture, UV radiation, high and low temperatures, cleaning agents, oils and greases. This SPEC sanitary kit adheres excellently to glass, ceramics, plastics and laminate, in addition, this sanitary kit can be used both indoors and outdoors.
The pot life is approximately 10 – 15 minutes, and the curing time is 2 mm / 24 hours. Process between 5 degrees and 40 degrees, after curing this sealant is resistant to temperatures from minus 40 to plus 180 degrees. This product has an elongation of no less than 300% before it cracks.

This product is from the brand Lakma, a European producer of high-quality sealants and paints. Suitable for the professional user and now available for the consumer.